• Parent’s Reviews

    Dear Ms. Mehr:
    “We are blessed”
    Thank you so much for teaching and loving Austin and Noah for so long. You have touched their lives in such a powerful way, and we are so blessed to have had you in all of our lives.From: Yvette and Todd Perrodin

    Dear Ms. Mehr:
    “Amazing teacher”
    You are an amazing teacher, and I am so thankful Jonah had the opportunity to have you as her teacher this year. He has truly blossomed under your care. My child is focused, able to sit down and listen and hungers to learn. This is in large part, due to your excellent teaching. He will truly miss you and so will we.From: Teresa and James Northern

    Dear Ms. Mehr:
    “Excellent way and philosophy of teaching”
    We truly appreciate you working with Franklin Sampson. We are very interested in your way and philosophy of teaching.From: Kristina Sampson.

    Dear Ms. Mehr
    “My childs’ behavior is improved”
    We highly recommend Cy-Fair Montessori School. Our boys have made a great deal of progress since attending here. They have progressed socially and in reading writing alphabets and numbers. Their behavior has improved. They enjoy and look forward to attending every day. The place is clean and tidy. All children attending are well behaved.
    We are very happy. From: Kharel Family

    Google and Yahoo reviews:

    Dear Ms. Mehr
    My daughter, who is almost 4, has been enrolled since February of 2010, and I cannot tell you how much she has learned since attending Cy-Fair Montessori. She had previously attended Creme De La Creme (an overrated, over glorified, & very expensive daycare) for 18 months, and during that time, she had only mastered the alphabet and numbers up to 10. I’m not saying that it’s not an acheivement, but she never was taught how to apply the things she learned. But at Cy-Fair, my daughter knows that letters make words and that words have a meaning, and that numbers are used to count and represent objects. She’s starting to read! At 3! I truly regret not having sent her to Cy-Fair Montessori earlier. The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and well-trained. The facility is very neat and kept clean. Students here are well-behaved and orderly. Please, I urge you to just stop by and see for yourself what your children might be missing at their current schools/daycares. I strongly recommend this school to everyone. From: HJ

    Dear Ms. Mehr
    by The Ybarra family

    Cy Fair Montessori is an excellent school. The school does an excellent job communicating with parents and including them as an integral part of the school community. The staff is very experienced, friendly and highly professional. The school is new and the classrooms are large, bright and well organized. Our daughter has attended Cy Fair Montessori for the past 9 months and during that time friends and family have all commented on her noticeable progress. We feel its because of the experienced staff, proven activities and educational programs at Cy Fair Montessori. The staff has also remained in tact since we started taking our daughter and this is a major plus and not very common in our previous experiences. Our daughter was the first to attend Cy Fair Montessori since they opened, and we would highly recommend this school to anyone!!
    Thanks Cy Fair Montessori!!!! From: The Ybarra Family

    Dear Ms. Mehr
    Cy-Fair Montessori School is an awesome school. We enrolled my son almost a year ago. He’s grown amazingly in so many aspects. I am a teacher myself and I would not like to have my son attend any other school than this one. I am more than happy to keep him where he is.

    My son, who just turned three only two months ago, has been taught to trace, write numbers, and write letters. He’s still in the process of mastering these skills but I can see that he’s grown immensely.

    Their teaching strategies are the best. They don’t teach memorization, rather, they teach the love of learning. My son loves to work at school AND outside of school. We even bought him a white board so he could continue practicing his letters and numbers at home. He loves to learn! I also made sure to buy him some tracing books because it’s fun for him. He loves to do good in everything he does, thanks to Cy-Fair Montessori.

    I’ve also seen a change with his behavior at home. He’s now very independent. He doesn’t want us to do anything for him. When he doesn’t know how to do something, he asks for us to show him and then he wants to do it alone. They’ve really taught him independence and I love my BIG BOY!

    The entire staff is great. They have the sweetest teachers here. I believe that they go over and beyond their duties to acomodate the family when needed.

    I recommend this school to EVERYONE!!! If you’re thinking of enrolling your child into a school, then look no further! I will be more than happy to release my number if you have any questions. Just ask for my phone number at Cy-Fair Montessori and give me a call. My name is Lucy Benjamin.

    I guarantee that you will love it. From: Lucy Benjamin

    Dear Ms. Mehr
    We have been amazed by the Cy-Fair Montessori school teachers and director. They are so nice and have always been taking extreme care of our daughter. Our daughter turned one now, and she loved her teachers so much that she starts crying when we come to pick her up. Thank you for the peace of mind you are giving us while we are at work, because we know that our daughter is in good hands. From: Brahim and Lamyae Benzakour

    Dear Ms. Mehr
    Godsend My daughter was miserable at her previous school, Creme De La Creme. She hadn’t learned much and was constantly being bullied by unruly children. However, we were very lucky to have found Cy-Fair Montessori School. It’s a privately run school, with well-trained teachers in a clean facility. The classes are small, so that the students get the attention they need to excel. My daughter came in only knowing the alphabet and counting to 10. After 3 months, she’s reading, writing, and applying numbers. She’s only 3 years old. I strongly recommend that parents open their eyes and ears to see if their child is really getting something out of their current school/daycare. I guarantee that they are missing something. Stop in and check out this school. It’s not a daycare at all; it truly is a school, and a very good one at that!