1. How to Teach Your Child to Be Kind

    At Cy-Fair Montessori School, we value kindness. We teach our students to be kind to one another at school, and we know that parents do everything they can to foster kindness at home. Sometimes, it isn’t clear exactly what you can do to instill this virtue into your kids. Of course, there’s only so much control you have over your little one’s personality, but by demonstrating the importance …Read More

  2. 5 Back to School Tips for Preschool Parents

    It seems like summer has gone by in a flash, and now it’s time for the kids to go back to school! As exciting as it has been to travel with and have some relaxation time with your kiddos, you may be quite ready to get back into the swing of things. That being said, it’s also completely normal to feel anxious or unprepared for the upcoming back-to-school season. Fortunately, there are some simp…Read More

  3. Coping with Separation Anxiety During Preschool

    When your child is finally old enough for preschool, you will both likely feel a whole variety of emotions. In particular, you might be concerned about your child experiencing separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is a common occurrence in young children, but it doesn’t have to mean that every goodbye is a tearful one. Try these tips to help ease separation anxiety in your child. Deal With Your…Read More

  4. All About Maria Montessori

    “The task of the educator lies in seeing that the child does not confound good with immobility, and evil with activity” - Maria Montessori Maria Montessori, originally Maria Tecla Artemisia Montessori, was an Italian physician and educator that is best known for the philosophy of education that bears her name. Montessori schools have become a growing phenomenon that focus on self-directed acti…Read More

  5. How to Foster Independence in Your Preschooler

    Every parent wants their child to grow up to be an autonomous, self-reliant adult. Independence is an essential quality to foster to make this happen. However, it’s easier said than done. Many parents can’t help but do everything for their child, even things that they could do for themselves. After all, they will always be your baby. However, when your child reaches preschool age, they are not…Read More

  6. Famous Montessori Graduates

    Between teaching children to be curious about the world, enhancing their imagination and creativity, and allowing for independent thought, it’s no wonder that many Montessori graduates go on to be greatly successful. In fact, some of the most famous people in the world attended Montessori schools. When you learn more about the Montessori method, it makes sense why many graduates would go on to t…Read More

  7. 6 Benefits of Montessori Preschool

    You want the best for your child, so why not offer them an education that has been shown through decades of research to help foster a natural curiosity about the world and self-reliance? With the Montessori method, there is no limit to the ways preschoolers stand to benefit. A Child Development Approach Dr. Maria Montessori developed her educational method based on the key developmental milestones…Read More

  8. Introduction to the Montessori Method

    If you have never been in a Montessori classroom before, it may be difficult to wrap your brain around the concept. The Montessori method is different than a traditional school environment in many ways. Yet there are so many benefits to sending your child to our Montessori preschool in Houston. This article may help shed some light on the Montessori method so you can understand how your child may …Read More

  9. Why Continuing Montessori Through Kindergarten is Important

    If your child attends our Montessori preschool in Houston and is nearing kindergarten time, you and your family may be contemplating next steps. Some families choose to keep their child in the Montessori program through kindergarten, while others decide to go a more traditional Kindergarten route. We respect any decision you make, but ultimately, the Montessori preschool method was specifically de…Read More

  10. Prevent the Top Winter School Infections

    Simple precautions can help keep kids healthy as they head back to school. Teaching kids to keep their hands clean is the number one way to avoid sick days. In fact, a study published in the August issue of American Journal of Infection Control, reported that after students ages 5 to 15 received one lesson in hand hygiene where they learned to disinfect their hands with ethanol gel sanitizer three…Read More