At Cy-Fair Montessori School, we are proud to offer the Montessori curriculum. As one of the more than 4,000 schools in North America that offers this model, we have a strong network of support that helps us understand all the advantages of this educational method. 

The Montessori Method: Beyond Academics

School isn’t simply for learning academic facts. Of greater importance is the social and emotional skills that children develop among their peers. With a classroom focused on providing a safe space for students to independently follow their curiosity, children are given the opportunity to develop a love of learning organically. This gives them greater confidence, more self-sufficiency, and an enthusiastic approach to their education. 

Education for Greatness

The Montessori method has educated some of the brightest minds in the world, from CEOs to award-winning actors to best-selling authors. Many credit their success to the independent and creative approach to learning offered by the Montessori method. If you feel your child has great promise to leave their mark on the world, a Montessori education is a fantastic place to start. 

Let Your Child Be Themselves

Too often, traditional preschool focuses on teaching children to conform. With the Montessori method, we view each child as a unique individual who has unique needs. We never hold a child back or push them to keep in step with the rest of the class. They are able to grow and learn at their own pace so that they are truly able to understand and embrace concepts. With a focus on learning in the real world, the Montessori method allows children to develop a natural curiosity and creativity that is wholly their own. 

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