how to help your child learn this summer

One of our key principles at Cy-Fair Montessori preschool is our dedication to “Education For Life.” We strive to help our students become self-sufficient, self-confident, independent thinkers who love to learn. Though we shape our curriculum around this principle, parents can easily enhance their children’s education by offering additional learning experiences at home. Today, we are giving you tips for helping your child learn this summer.

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tips for enhancing your child’s education this summer

It can be difficult to continue your children’s education into the summer months due to the distractions of summer. However, with the right approach, it can be easy to create moments to engage your child and help them to continue to learn all summer long.

Be Intentional

Though life always presents moments of learning, to create the most impactful educational moments, you must be intentional. One of the best ways to do that is to plan activities that are centered around your child learning about a specific concept or set of ideas. Activities can include anything from helping you prepare a meal in the kitchen to catching bugs outside to examine and set free, to a trip to a local museum. Point out important concepts and ask your child questions to create teachable moments.

Target Their Interests

When your child might rather be outside playing instead of learning, targeting their interests can help to engage them. If your child loves art, find ways to incorporate an art project into the educational activity of the day, or choose activities that your child will be excited about. Showing your child how an educational activity relates to their interests can also help to engage and pique their curiosity.

Make It Interactive

One of the best ways to learn is through an engaging activity. Instead of a stereotypical classroom setting, get involved with them in an activity that allows them to interactively learn about a concept. Making a learning experience interactive can include taking your child on a nature walk and pointing out animals and plants nearby or creating a scavenger hunt around the house.

Pick a Theme

Picking a theme can help you provide your child with a cohesive learning experience this summer. It can also allow you to stay creative when the COVID-19 pandemic may make activities you would normally do with your child more difficult. Choose a theme for the week or the month and plan all activities around this concept. Example themes can include nature, math in the real world, and sports/outdoor activities.

Make It Fun

One of the ways to show your child how fun learning can be is to create activities that your child will love. For many children, school and learning can feel boring and frustrating. However, you can help to enhance your child’s learning experience by picking activities that can be educational but will also allow your child to have fun too. Often, choosing activities surrounding your child’s interests can be the best way to help your child experience the enjoyment and satisfaction of learning.

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