Montessori Preschool Academy

The Montessori curriculum is world renowned, with more than 4,000 schools in North America. During the past five years, popularity of Montessori schools nationwide has grown by leaps and bounds.

The Montessori approach is described as an “Education for Life.” Our priority goes beyond the development of just the child’s academic skills alone. Our students are taught to become self-sufficient, self-confident, independent thinkers who are interested in the world and enthusiastic about life.

The excellence in learning and development is achieved by prescribing to the following ideologies:

  • Learning is based on the principles of respect and independence.
  • Children learn to think for themselves.
  • Each child is considered to be a unique individual.
  • Children are driven by cooperation and collaboration, rather than competition.
  • Children learn from experience and direct interaction with the environment.

Interested in learning more? We offer quality preschool Montessori programs for children from 2-3 months through 6 years old. Schedule a tour of our Montessori preschool academy in Houston.