Cy-Fair Montessori School is an awesome school. We enrolled my son almost a year ago. He’s grown amazingly in so many aspects. I am a teacher myself and I would not like to have my son attend any other school than this one. I am more than happy to keep him where he is.
My son, who just turned three only two months ago, has been taught to trace, write numbers, and write letters. He’s still in the process of mastering these skills but I can see that he’s grown immensely.

Their teaching strategies are the best. They don’t teach memorization, rather, they teach the love of learning. My son loves to work at school AND outside of school. We even bought him a white board so he could continue practicing his letters and numbers at home. He loves to learn! I also made sure to buy him some tracing books because it’s fun for him. He loves to do good in everything he does, thanks to Cy-Fair Montessori.

I’ve also seen a change with his behavior at home. He’s now very independent. He doesn’t want us to do anything for him. When he doesn’t know how to do something, he asks for us to show him and then he wants to do it alone. They’ve really taught him independence and I love my BIG BOY!

The entire staff is great. They have the sweetest teachers here. I believe that they go over and beyond their duties to acomodate the family when needed.

I recommend this school to EVERYONE!!! If you’re thinking of enrolling your child into a school, then look no further! I will be more than happy to release my number if you have any questions. Just ask for my phone number at Cy-Fair Montessori and give me a call. My name is Lucy Benjamin.

I guarantee that you will love it.

Lucy Benjamin